isn't upcycling just recycling? NO! the process of upcycling involves taking a single use item like a wedding seating chart or baby shower sign and turning it not just into something new, but levelling up into something better. 
mandy had me create a rustic wood seating chart for her wedding and wanted to keep it afterwards. here's the original piece on the left.  after her wedding, she brought it back to me and we turned it into a special keepsake of the words spoken on her big day!   
i made a baby shower sign for our baby shower, and then removed the lettering and replaced with a quote for theo's bedroom! 
upcycling is the best way to reuse a beautiful piece of decor from an event without the cost of having a new piece made from scratch. after only purchasing the lettering services, you have a brand new item to enjoy from the same original piece you purchased. win. win.